Saturday, August 12, 2017

A few thoughts from Las Mercedes Special Meetings

  • Feeling that we are debtors helps us to be humble.
  • We don't know what John the Baptist's personality was because what we see in him is Jesus.
  • Children respond to children. 
  • False rest is found in avoiding sacrifice and responsibility.  True rest is in accepting the will of God and enjoying his approval.  There's rest in the yoke.
  • When human love fails, divine love continues.
  • It was likely harder for Abraham to cast out Ishmael than to offer Isaac because he had faith in God's promise regarding Isaac, but he knew he would never see Ishmael again.
  • From the greatest to the least among us, we're nothing but branches.
  • Take correction like a pill.  Don't chew on it; just swallow it.
  • Even though we aren't ready for the harvest, it's possible to please God in the stage we are in now.
  • If we don't really see the treasure, we could seek out another field - one that's easier, less costly.  When we see the treasure, there are a lot of other things that don't matter.  God can show us the treasure in the place of prayer.
  • We want to defend what is of God in us.
  • Our behavior is different when we think, "He's gone away" compared to when we think, "He's coming back."

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