Sunday, September 3, 2017

Very Better T-Shirt's

When Karmen and I were younger and in travel mode, we had the opportunity to visit several countries in which English was not the native language.  One one of these trips, we had the idea to create a company that would produce t-shirts for exclusive sale in the foreign market.  Our corporation would be called "Very Better T-Shirt's", and each garment would bear random English words or phrases, including as many apostrophe's as possible.  (Yes, I did that on purpose.)

Our enterprise never got off the ground, so the idea is still up for grabs.  However, you will have some competition from whatever company produced the sweatshirt with this slogan (seen at the bus terminal in Ipiales not too long ago).


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Banana lasagna

Lasagna for supper!  I was excited to hear it.  Then she dropped the bomb that it was made with maduros.  My excitement level dropped just a tad, but fortunately maduros no longer repulse me, so it would probably still be okay.  The final verdict was that, while it wasn't Mom's lasagna, it was a nice change from the normal.  The ingredients that I could distinguish were maduro, hard boiled eggs, hamburger and cheese.  I guess the bananas took the place of noodles.  

Who slept there???

Making the bed down here is slightly more complicated than at home simply because they don't tuck anything in.  They just fold up whatever ends are left over and hanging out.  This means that the bed generally gets messier because no covers are being held in place at all underneath the mattress.  My bed this past Tuesday night, however, proved to be an extreme case.  I crawled into bed, exhausted.  I had already turned the light out, so I couldn't see too well, but I just couldn't seem to get the covers where I wanted them.  Oh well, I'll just make do with things the way they are because I don't have the energy to make any major adjustments at present.  I woke up several times in the night trying to figure out what had happened to my sheet and what exactly was that tangled around my legs.  When I woke up yesterday morning, I discovered that the main culprit had been the fitted sheet.  It just wouldn't stay on!  I had to find it several times while I was making the bed, because it would spring off its designated corner and hide somewhere underneath all the other covers.  I think if I see that sheet on my bed the next time we visit that home, I'll do some rearranging before I go to bed!  

You might be in Ipiales...

...if making jello does not require a refrigerator.

We ate lunch with a lady the other day who served us jello as our beverage.  That is not uncommon here.  What is not so common is that it was not actually liquid.  She explained that she had mixed it up the night before and set it out on the counter.  By morning, it had solidified.  Must have been a little chilly in there!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Looks aren't everything.

Recently, the folks of the home where we keep our extra things received this lovely new shower head as a gift from their daughter and son-in-law.  I have to admit, I fell for it.  I just couldn't wait to take a shower.  There would be lots of water!  It would have good pressure!  

There's just one tiny problem.  Because most showers are electric here, you have to choose between heat and pressure.  The old nasty shower head easily reduced the water to a trickle so that at least that trickle would be hot.  This lovely mechanism is unable to reduce pressure sufficiently to obtain water that even resembles hot.  

So, if it was up to me, I'd get this beauty uninstalled as quickly as possible.  
Looks definitely aren't everything!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Homemade popsicles

We've been studying with Álex and Gaby, their daughter, Muriel, and Gaby's mother, Sra. Zoila for several months now.  Álex professed when he was a young boy and the workers studied with his family in Latacunga.  After his mother died, the rest of the family basically lost touch with the workers until now.  It's been good to see their interest.  Álex has lots of memories of the workers from when he was young, but this is the first time for his wife, daughter and mother-in-law to hear such a thing.  

This last Saturday when we went for the study, Muriel announced that she had made us ice cream.  Apparently, she loves to cook, and this was her latest project.  Next time she has promised to make us cupcakes.

Salad for lunch

After getting back from our study in Puerres on Thursday, we went into a nearby restaurant for lunch.   Since vegetables are somewhat lacking in our diet here, I decided to order a salad.  

Here it is.

Each vegetable had it's spot on the plate - cucumbers, tomatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and onions - with shredded carrots and canned mushrooms covering the top.

Not exactly like a salad we'd have at home, but it wasn't too terrible.  I ate over half of it, though I did leave the onions alone completely.