Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh happy day!

Happy 32nd anniversary to my wonderful parents, Eldon and Brenda LiaBraaten!  Thanks for being what you are to each other.  I wish you many more years of wedded bliss.  :-)

A pleasant stay in Pleasant Plains

A new variation of Dominos


Baylee, the artist, is ready to get to work.

Nice butterfly!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thought for the day


If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

What a day may bring forth...

9:30 am
51° F
I-72 W between Decatur and Springfield
We couldn't capture the complete rainbow, but it was the most brilliant one I've ever seen.  It made a perfect arc, and the seven colors were very distinct.  Beautiful!

3:30 pm
31° F
Pleasant Plains
There is a blizzard warning in effect until midnight tonight.  3-5 inches are expected by late evening.  Wind gusts of 50 mph or higher predicted from 3-9 pm.  Low visibility.  If you have to travel, make sure you have a winter survival kit with you.

One of my homes

He's sitting up now!

Gwendolyn displays her artwork
Looks like one Barbie has a bit of a sunburn!

Working on another one

I love cuddle bugs!

Let's try an actual posed one.

Lynae and Gwendolyn puzzle

And Bennett conks out on Ardith's ultra-comfortable lap

A rousing game of Pictionary

Homemade play dough

Look familiar?  I'm sure every one of us has made a house that looks like this at some point or another.  I even got invited inside this one.  It was quite a squeeze, but I made it.  No pictures of that particular feat.  :-)  

On Wednesday morning, we went to the local elementary school for Pre-K arts and crafts.
Mommy paints Gwendolyn's hands to print up an apron.

This is as close to a "completed" picture as I was able to get.  Little Miss G was not interested in modeling her finished apron.  There was too much to do!

Ripping up bread to add to the "Reindeer Food"

Bennett "helps"

It doesn't get much more fun than stickers and confetti!

Making a jingle bell wreath

Santa's face is about to get connected to his body.

Much concentration is required to lace up this bell.

Being goofy back at home

Thanks again Klepzigs for a fun time!  We look forward to coming back.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hymn Illustration Answers - Part 3

#243 - "Upon a Lonely Mount"

#1 - "Tell Me the Story of Jesus"
(Write on my heart every word, Tell me the story most precious, Sweetest that ever was heard.)

#128 - "We are Building"

#228 - "Rich are the Moments of Blessing"

#103 - "Time is Passing"

#6 - "When I Survey"

Are you guessing correctly?

Peoria Or Bust!

David and Laura Hoots and their boys, very good buddies of mine, will be relocating to the Peoria area sometime in the next couple of weeks.  I returned to the field just in time to join in on their going away party in Oreana.  

Amazing decorations


The art table



Anya & Gwendolyn


Bennett shows how much he loves Grandpa Doyle by trying to poke his eye out.

Plenty of food

The dessert table

Good-bye Hoots (or should that be Hootses?).  We'll miss you!

Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm home!

Where is home?

Everywhere I leave, I leave home.
Everywhere I go, I go home.

I leave home to go home.

I have no home,
And yet everywhere I am is home.

Home is where I am when I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Right now home is central Illinois in my field with my co-workers,
And I'm delighted to be home!

It's not easy to say good-bye

On Friday, December 14, I waved good-bye to Aunt Becki and Lacie as I drove away from 338 Goff Creek Road in Spokane, Missouri.  I had bid farewell to Uncle Elliott the night before.  Parker and I met up in Springfield for our last hurrah.  I will confess that the parting caused wetness in a few eyes.  I hadn't planned on being there so long, but I appreciated my stay immensely.  We made lots of memories, and it was wonderful to get better acquainted with these LiaBraaten relatives of mine.  I'll get to go back at the end of January, so we'll have another chance to be together...and another good-bye to weather.


Tears and Heroes

Maybe it’s because most of the victims were children
Maybe it’s because I was a teacher
Maybe it’s simply because I’m human

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary makes my heart weep

Lives were taken
Dreams were shattered
Innocence was lost
Tears have fallen

And many more tears will be shed in the days and weeks and years to come

But let us not lose sight of the good that is in our fellow man

There are heroes among us

Teachers who shielded their students from harm
Some who gave their lives to protect others
Emergency workers who rushed to help
Friends who comfort broken families
Neighbors who bring food just because it’s a little something they can do
Strangers who pray from afar

May we remember those that mourn
May we cherish those beside us
May we live for what is eternal

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hymn Illustration Answers - Part 2

#108 - "It Pays to Serve Jesus"

#246 - "All My Springs Arise in Jesus"

#303 - "Close to Thee"

#309 - "How Fresh and Green"

#70 - "Send Thy Light"

#288 - "Lead Me to the Rock"

There are still more to guess.  If you haven't played yet, all the hymn illustrations can be found in the blog entry titled, "Not only do we invent handy dandy serving utensils...".