Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Snowfall of 2011

(For me anyway)

Snow fell Nov. 29
Pictures taken Nov. 30

November's Numbers

Miles purposefully traveled: 3391  (Miles traveled while wandering around trying to find our destination 
were not included in this total.)

Beds slept in: 17 (not including random naps)

Memories created: A whole lot!

Guess what it is #6 - Answers




(Cultivated fields on the side of a mountain - a common sight in Ecuador)


(Just to add a little perspective)


(Yes, it is dead!)


First attempt at a co-worker picture

We'll have to try again as I do not fancy seeing this picture on anyone's fridge in the near future.  However, I'll go ahead and share it just in case the "official" one is a long time coming.

Alice Christopher - Kamela LiaBraaten
Nov. 27, 2011
NW Indiana

Back to Indiana

On Saturday night, Karmen brought me back to my field.  She stayed through our Gospel Meeting on Sunday, so I got to enjoy a little more time with her before the lovely holiday weekend was officially over.

One last shot before good-bye

Happy Birthday, Karmy!

To celebrate Karmen's 28th birthday, we met Grandma and Grandpa Rodgers at a hotel in Champaign on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Before parting ways on Saturday, we made many special memories and took a few pictures.  Here's a sampling.


My lovely parents

The only picture we have of Kyle.  He's on the other end of the "line."  We missed you, buddy!

Karmy & her gram

Karmy & her mama

Grandpa & his newfound friend

I'm not sure what Fleece was saying here, but I am sure it was worth hearing!

We got to share the delicious pound cake made by Grandma.  Yum!

Bedtime story

Fleece previews the gift

Karmy & her boppa

Fleece rides along

Her special seat in the door of the car

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My grandma makes the most amazing granola you've ever put in your mouth.  She makes me some every time I come, for which I am most truly grateful.  This was Fleece's first time to enjoy this amazing cereal.  She gives it two hooves (hoofs) up.

Save some for me!

Entertainment - Part 10

Starring...... PARKER!
Parker pouts

Fleece lectures, consoles and encourages

Parker reads a poem about Fleece

Parker's song

The Entertainment - Part 9

Just to clarify:
This was only entertaining for SOME of the LiaBraatens.  However, those of us who stayed indoors were happy to enter into the victories of the mighty fishermen as long as they cleaned up before they got too close!

The Entertainment - Part 8

I'm beginning to lose track here.  We had much entertainment!  Here is a less strenuous form of entertainment in which a few participated.  Here are the ones I caught with my camera.

Turkey'll do that to ya!

The Entertainment - Part 7

A few family portraits

Hand provided courtesy of Elliott LiaBraaten

 Parker attempts to be the photographer and the subject.
Attempt #1

Attempt #2

I'm so glad I belong to such a normal family!

The Entertainment - Part 6

A little music

The Entertainment - Part 5

A family of masseurs? masseuses? masseese? back rubbers

Reach, Catie, Reach!

Double duty as a scalp rubber

The lovely result

The ever-present LiaBraaten back rubbing chain.  Stinks to be at the end!  That's why they usually end up in a circle.  Circles don't work too well on stairs though.  So let's all have a moment of silence to express our sympathy for Lacie and assume that Catie paid her back later.  (No pun intended)

The Entertainment - Part 4

Nerf Wars

The Elliott LiaBraaten children brought an assortment of nerf guns and demonstrated their power to the less armed LiaBraatens.  If you're ever invited to their house, I would be very careful!

Serious business

Parker sets up his machine gun


He surrenders anyway!

The shoot-and-duck technique