Friday, April 26, 2013

Thought for the day

It's impossible to feed negative thoughts and retain a positive attitude for any length of time.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guess what it is #13







Sunday Gospel Meetings

So, we found a place to have Sunday Gospel Meetings through the end of May.  However, the schedule is a little iffy.  What we know "for sure" at this point is that our first meeting will be this Sunday, April 28 at 4:00 in the basement of the River Bank Lodge in Petersburg, IL.  Come if you can, and think of us there if you can't.  :-)  I'll try and remember to post a more complete schedule when we get more information.  

As promised...Spring!

First of all, the abundance of rain has caused rivers to overflow their banks.  The results of that have been less severe here than in some other areas; the only "disruption" I've really noticed in these parts is a few roads closed due to high water.  Farther north, they've had a whale of a time with all the precipitation.  Possibly literally.  

Here are a couple of quick shots I took while we were tooling along in the car, heading east of Springfield.
The Sangamon River
Actually, this is not the river itself.  It's the area surrounding the river - farmland and woods.  

I thought this one turned out kind of pretty with the sky reflected in the water surrounding the trees.

Heavy April rains bring a few April flowers  
(Not so poetic perhaps but seemingly more accurate this year)

Yes, the sky was really that blue.  The grass was really that green.  No colors have been enhanced in these pictures.

Welcome back, Spring!  We've missed you!

Monday, April 22, 2013

One "down" & one "to go"

Today Ardith and I searched for a midweek Gospel Meeting place in Decatur.  After several strike-outs and a little help from our friends, we finally have the Oreana Community Center booked for all the Wednesdays in May and June.  We will look for a Sunday meeting place further west later this week.  We'll let you know what we find.

P.S. - Spring pictures to come.  I don't have the cord to connect my camera to my computer at the moment.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

We couldn't have planned it better!

This was the reading on our odometer as we pulled into the garage back in our field on Tuesday night.  (For accuracy, we should add 20 miles or so to the total since we forgot to push the trip button until we were a little ways down the road.)

Liquid snow and traffic

Welcome back to Illinois!

Just glad we weren't going the other way.  They were backed up for miles!  


Fleece poses next to some pure Michigan maple syrup that Ardith got for me in the U.P.

Big Lake

After a lovely pizza supper with nearly all the workers who had been on the Special Meeting rounds, Jenny, Laurell and I took a short hike down to the boat launch near where we were spending the night.

Caution!  Ice near the edge is actually slush.  Jenny drew this conclusion for us by stepping out onto into it.

Kalkaska Special Meeting

  • We don't want to give up the very greatest thing for something temporary.
  • Joseph had ten "problem brothers," but he lived so they could change.
  • Our flesh only has the power that we give it.
  • God will give us what we need to be true and upright.
  • We can't hide what we love for very long.
  • True repentance changes us.
  • God's desire is to make us like Jesus within.
  • We don't want to be content with casual contact with Jesus.
  • The priest and the Levite in Luke 10 likely knew what they should do, but they didn't have it in their heart.
  • If we keep in mind that Jesus is coming back, it helps us put more into our service.
  • If we don't die to ourselves, we can't rightly represent a risen Christ.

Turkey hunting

Can you spot him?

There were several more, but I couldn't get my camera out in time.

More miscellaneous snow pictures

The view out my bedroom window on Saturday morning

Fleece takes a look and is glad for her wool coat.

Making my way up the road to Saturday's supper and night destination

Yeah, don't think I'll have any problem abiding by that.

And the beautiful view that was waiting for me when I arrived at my final destination on Saturday

I couldn't quit taking pictures, if you can't tell!  

Let's add some ice to the snow!

It's coming down as we head to our place for supper and the night on Thursday, April 11.  We were glad to pull into the driveway that evening safe and sound!

What met us when we opened the door to load up on Friday morning
When we stepped out the door, we discovered that it was not light fluffy snow but solid ice.  We didn't break through at all when we stepped out onto it.  An all natural skating rink right on the back deck!

 Working to clear off the poor little car from IL

Ice on the tires

On the road again!

The road heading back to our lunch appointment
We made it to the driveway but weren't able to actually get up the driveway.  We walked up instead.

Traverse City Special Meeting

  • Abraham's servant stayed true to his mission because his primary identity was a servant.
  • Focusing on the master will make us profitable servants.
  • Keeping the goal in mind will help us keep going.
  • Sometimes there won't be anybody or anything around that would encourage us, but we can encourage ourselves in the Lord.
  • Can we say we're living only for the approval of God?
  • God can change degeneration to regeneration.
  • Don't just deal with the action; deal with the motive.
  • If we love someone, it's not hard to be kind to them.

Snow day #1

So, we did get the promised rain on Tuesday afternoon.  By Wednesday morning, it had turned to snow.  The great outdoors was a very slick place to be.  When a school bus went off the road about 5:00 Wed. morning, the powers that be decided to declare a snow day for the Traverse City area schools.  We, however, continued on with plans as usual.  

Jenny got stuck coming up the other driveway to this home, but I didn't get a picture of her car tracks.  

Grand Traverse Bay

This is not a white sand beach.