Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thought for the day

Don't let good things distract you from focusing on eternal things.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I need help

Yes, okay, now that you've had your laugh and inserted various and sundry inappropriate comments, I shall inform you of the actual way in which I need help.

I have had a couple of people tell me that they would find it much handier to follow my blog if they could receive an e-mail whenever I posted.  This way they wouldn't have to fruitlessly check day after day during my long blogging absences.  I completely understand this.

So today, I decided that I would see if there was a way I could make that happen with minimal effort on my part.  (Meaning, I don't want to send numerous e-mail every time I blog.)  In my search, I came across the lovely option of putting a "Follow by Email" thingie on my blog page.  Supposedly, people can enter their e-mail address, and blogspot (or whoever) will take over from there.  Perfect!

I added the "icon" to my page and decided I would be the first to try it out.  I entered both of my e-mail addresses.  I have posted three blog entries since that time and nothing has showed up in either e-mail account.

So, here's my question.  Does anybody know anything about this?  Do I have to do something else to make it work?  Do I have to sign up for something?  Pay loads of money?  Has someone else tried to use it and been successful?

Actually, that was quite a lot of questions.  Anyway, if anyone has any words of wisdom and counsel for me, I would be deeply grateful.  If it's not going to work, I would rather just delete it.  Obviously.

Thanks in advance for your deep pondering of my problem.  Good night.

Playing tourist

We were delighted to take a close-to-home field trip today with some of our friends.  Here's a glimpse of our day.

First stop:
Lunch at Denny's in French Lick

No pictures.  Sorry

Second stop:
West Baden Springs Hotel

**The following has been copied and pasted from Wikipedia.  Further information (very interesting information, I might add) can be found also at Wikipedia.**
The West Baden Springs Hotel is a historic landmark hotel in the town of West Baden Springs in Orange CountyIndianaUnited States, known for its vast domed atrium. It is currently part of the French Lick Resort. Prior to the completion of the Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1955, the building had the largest free-spanning dome in the United States and was the largest in the world from 1902 to 1913. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, became a National Historic Landmark in 1987,[3] and is a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. The West Baden Springs Hotel is recognized as one of the Historic Hotels of America by the National Trust of Historic Preservation.

The atrium under the dome

Looking up at the dome

Fleece missed out on the field trip, but we did take a friend of hers along.  She enjoyed this nice little resting spot under the dome.

Huge fireplace

"Teddy" poses by the menu of Sinclair's - a restaurant that is slightly higher priced than where we had lunch.

In case you couldn't see the prices on the picture above...

A door with original glass

Need your shoes shined?

Hot AND cold water
And a toilet
Open ALL year

Third stop:
French Lick Resort Casino...
We didn't make it to the casino part this time around.  ;)  But here are a few of the parts we did see.

Only one shot outside

The entrance

One of the many amazing chandeliers 

And the paintings on the ceiling

A model of the West Baden Springs Hotel


Another chandelier
These things are huge!

Looking up from below

Fourth stop:
The Rise of Lost River

Though not all the passengers in our vehicle were entirely enthused about this stop, we decided that it would be "just wrong" to not stop at a National Historic Site!  So, here it is.

Final stop:

Thanks for a good day to all who were involved!  And sorry, Fleece.  I'll take you along next time.

Just a few old favorites

K #1

K #2

K #3

Thought for the day

God, as our Creator, understands us.  God, as our Re-creator, has the power to change us.

Getting back at it!

Here's our Gospel Meeting schedule for the next few weeks.

Sundays - Mar. 30, Apr. 6 & 13 @ 4:00 pm
                 Handy Meeting Barn
                 2827 E. Moffett Ln.
                 Bloomington, IN

Thursdays - Apr. 3, 10 & 17 @ 7:30 pm
                   Crystal Community Building
                   ??? N. Crystal Rd. (off of Route 56 between French Lick and Hwy 231)
                   Crystal, IN

All are welcome.
Bienvenidos a todos.

Another day is nearly over

And pictures can't do it justice, but I always take them anyway.

Does this look like SPRING to you?

March 25, 2014

The sun soon came out and melted away winter's brief indiscretion.

Oh, and also, we have a "new" set of wheels.  :)

Where am I?

Can you tell?


It's getting clearer.

I can almost see ahead of me.

And now your suspicions are confirmed.

Ah!  Our car looks nice!

One of my favorite places

The Library!!!

The one in Kokomo (or, I should say, one of the ones in Kokomo) is a beauty of a library.  There are comfy chairs spaced nicely throughout the building, many in front of large windows.  There are also lovely quiet study rooms with tables and chairs.  After Special Meeting rounds, Janet and I spent a few days in Kokomo, and I enjoyed hanging out at this wonderful haven filled with books.  I spent one or two visits just reading.  After I finished my book, I was a bit more productive.  :)

The view from my table in the "quiet room"

Writing letters


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Not bad

I decided to make a list of all the homes I visited in the past month of Special Meeting rounds.  My total was 52.  Not bad indeed!

Fleece & Tate

Giggles Galore

That's what you get when my sister and me get together for any length of time.  We didn't have long this time around, but it was nice to get to spend Sunday night at her house after our Special Meeting rounds were over.  Here's just one snippet of our evening.

Who is that under there?

Do you think she doesn't want her picture taken?

(Refer to title of post)

I see you under there!

Peeking out

I see teeth!

Please, no more???

Just one

Or two

Best friends