Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A quick stop at the Troyer store

Have you ever seen a ten pound chocolate bar?

Here's one.  It can be yours for only $22.

Dry goods


There were many other fascinating things in the store, but these are my only pictures.

How do dogs say cheese?

I think like this.

A new Canadian friend

A sweet trip

To the maple syrup festival near Salem, IN

Need one of these?  Only $9K

Crooked Paw shows us how to make maple syrup over a wood fire.
(Or rather, talks and talks and talks until we meander away in search of something a little more interesting)

Interesting, no?

A shot of Crooked Paw

Can you tell that it was "slightly" muddy?

The evaporator

Can you see the line-up of cars waiting to get into the "parking lot"?

All in all, an interesting experience.  My favorite part was the maple syrup sampling station, which I did not photograph.  (I was too busy tasting, and also my fingers got a little sticky.)


Have you ever played it?  It involves flicking little round wooden discs on a board to knock off your opponent's discs and score points by keeping yours on the board.  Your flicking finger might be a little sore by the end of the game, but it's worth it.

Getting started

And a parting shot before moving on to the next place
Elaine M & Me

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thoughts from Memphis Special Meeting

  • We want a godly fear that would prompt us to prepare for the future.
  • We want the spiritual in us to affect what is natural in us, not the other way around.
  • Jesus wasn't helped by God just because He was the Son of God.  It was because He always sought to do what pleased God.
  • We want to respect God's will for us.  In doing so, there's an abundance of provision open to us.
  • Nabal was selfish with his bread.  Abigail felt it was a privilege to give her bread to the king.
  • Abiding in the vine will keep us from being offended.
  • Truth isn't really something you can explain; it's something you experience.  If we experience it, we'll understand it.
  • Sometimes it takes a bit of a lack of natural prosperity to cause our soul to prosper.  The most dangerous times in life are often when things are going well.  Be careful in the good day.
  • If the truth is in our heart, we will walk in the way of truth.  For every step that we must take in the way, God has the ability to put that in our heart.
  • Doing is important, but how we do it is more important.
  • Many people in the world are honored for things they do once (breaking a record, performing some act of service).  What means so much to God and what He honors, is faithful daily service.
  • If we are in touch with the Lord, He'll enable us to prosper where we are.
  • We need to be careful about what we love because that's what will direct our steps.
  • When God looks down from heaven, He loves to see His children doing well.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Guess what it is #15 - Answers

Yay for all my guessers!  I had fun seeing all of your answers.  You did a fabulous job!  Thanks for playing.  :)

Yes, I did visit Mom's classroom.




And now, moving on to Ecuador...


My Special Meeting route

Sunday, Feb. 16 - Leave field for southeast Indiana
Monday, Feb. 17 - First official Special Meeting visit - supper & night
Wednesday, Feb. 19 - Memphis, IN Special Meeting
Sunday, Feb. 23 - Sellersburg, IN Special Meeting
Wednesday, Feb. 26 - Osgood, IN Special Meeting
Sunday, Mar. 2 - Greenfield, IN Special Meeting
Wednesday, Mar. 5 - Deer Creek, IN Special Meeting
Sunday, Mar. 9 - Morocco, IN Special Meeting
Tuesday, Mar. 11 - Westchester, IL Spanish Special Meeting
Friday, Mar. 14 - Workers' Meeting
Sunday, Mar. 16 - Darien, IL Special Meeting

Looking forward to good days ahead.  Maybe we'll see some of you along the way.  

Thought for the day

The Lord doesn't need our suggestions; He just needs our cooperation.


We've seen a good many roads like this this winter season.  
Drive safely, everyone!

Snow Day Hike

Karmen & I pose behind the snow pile.

914 S. Main St.

3/5 of our hiking party (counting Tate and Fleece)

Hike through the cemetery?  Yes, we thought it was quite picturesque.  See if you agree.

Dad enjoyed trying out his new camera.  
I stood by and tried to keep my digits from freezing off.

Tate climbs a tree.

Something's been up that tree.

 And now on to Eureka College
Ronald sits silently on his snowy perch.

It's hard to tell, but there are animal tracks on the porch roof.

Tate waits
(I'm glad I'm not the stuffed friend of a blogger.  It looks like a cold job!)

Heading home