Thursday, July 28, 2016

Monday night

Luz and I spent Monday night with Lester Antonio S├ínchez and his wife, Kiara.  We had a lovely evening together and headed to bed before it got too late.  Wonderful!  

Our tiny roommate

Sleep tight!

Heading straight for the beach

Yes, we do have gospel meeting to get ready for but first a quick trip to the beach...

The front of "our" hotel

That's "our" hotel on the rounded outcropping rather in the forefront of the picture.

Teeny shell

"It will be exceedingly hot in Manta," I said.  "You will drown in your sweat when we get to Manta," I said.  Then the wind blew.  And the air was cold.  And the sun did not shine.  And we all wished we had our jackets.  The end.

Luxurious lodgings

There aren't many friends in Manta, so while LeRoy, Luz and I were able to stay in "professing homes" on Monday night, my US visitors ended up staying in a hotel.  We checked it out in the afternoon and found the accommodations to be quite suitable!  

The entrance

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Living area / kitchenette 

Nearly all the hotels on this street suffered earthquake damage.  Here's the one next door.

Ocean view

Not bad!

Hello down there!

Blowing in the wind

Earthquake effects

It was very evident as we drove and walked around Manta that the earth had quaked rather violently there not so terribly long ago.