Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guess what it is #3 - Answers







Great work to all my guessers!  Thanks for playing!


Tomorrow I will leave the field to head for convention preparations.  That means today is full of last-minute packing.

Fleece looks bewildered.  "Is it all going to fit in here?!"
Better get back to work!

Jennifer's 40th birthday celebration (a little early)

A while back Rose came up with the idea to have a potluck picnic for the field.  Though Jennifer's 40th birthday isn't until September 1, this would be our last chance to celebrate it together.  Since Jennifer was in Michigan until the day before the picnic, it wasn't too hard to keep the birthday part a secret.  Due to a very high heat index, we moved to an indoor location - two homes kindly provided.  It was a lovely day.  Here are a few pictures.

Looking at pictures taken by Scott and Kendra Whittington on their recent trip to Ecuador

The food (some of it anyway)

I was so glad Mom and Dad could come.
Then Karmen appeared as well!  Yeah for nice surprises!

The four of us

Blow, Jennifer, blow!

"May I please have that camera?"

Front porch kids

Bocci ball

Mom and Sam contemplating the game


A little tutoring going on

Waiting to throw

Go, Adrian, go!

Wow!  That was heavy!

Ultimate frisbee

Adrian taking a rest with Mom

More spectators

Baby birds

Open and close the door carefully.  There are babies on board.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


First Seneca work day - July 23

 16 more days

First Mt. Sterling work day - July 30

23 more days

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Hope your 4th of July was happy.  Rose and I spent Sunday night with Rob and Andrea Vail and their four children.  I must say, it was a very blog-worthy stay.  Lots of activity!  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The place to be!

"Hey!  Be careful, guys!"

Paige being a wonderful big sister

Comic books!

Someone must have commandeered my camera!

Oops!  Somebody got conked in the head!

Mr. Clean-up

Good job, Kenrick!

Glow sticks
All set to go watch the fireworks

Getting ready for 4th of July company

All tuckered out


You can tell that "Mouse" comes from a line of "convention cats."


Serious football

Anya and Gwendolyn checking out the beverage selection

Rob, the master griller
(Chicken, shrimp and veggie shish-ke-bobs)

Looks like nap time

Bye, everyone!  Thanks for a lovely time.