Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sand gnats bite.
Sand gnat bites are much itchier than mosquito bites.  (This can be verified by Wikipedia.)
Benadryl spray is very sticky (at least if it is expired).
I will use DEET the next time I watch the sun rise at the beach.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunrise at Wrightsville Beach

A quick shot of the clock before we leave the apartment
(That's a.m.)

Lots of jellyfish on the beach

To me, the sound of the waves just adds something!

Can you see Fleece?

An empty beach

A little different perspective

Getting higher

The one drawback to the whole experience was the huge gnat population.  Due to the fact that they seemed to want to eat us alive, this is how I spent a good part of the morning.

Jennifer takes up her bed and walks as we seek a less "gnatty" place.

Supper on the water

Our egret friend catches himself some supper

Lunch at IndoChine

My soup

Jennifer's meal