Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner

The two LiaBraaten brothers get some things figured out as meal preparations get under way.  

Mashed potatoes get their start as well as a delicious pumpkin dessert

The kitchen/dining room area is a busy place!

Grandpa enjoys some coffee cake while he waits for the main course.

Lacie, Kyle and Fleece observe / supervise the kitchen proceedings

Karmen, Parker, Lacie and Catie pose with the tablecloth.  "Why?" you may ask.  "I have no idea," is my enlightened answer.

Another serious conversation takes place where the smells are pleasant and the company delightful

The whole crew minus Aunt Becki, who was sick on Thanksgiving day 

The grandpas converse after the meal

The grandmas do their visiting a little closer together.  :-)  

The chief dishwashers
What's the matter, Kyle?  Is that sink too short for you?

Is that ladle the topic of conversation?

Once again, Parker provides us with some post-Thanksgiving dinner entertainment.  This particular routine is fast becoming a tradition.
"You must pay the rent!"

"I can't pay the rent!"

There are no pictures for the finishing lines, unfortunately.
"I'll pay the rent."
"My hero!"

I tell the story of Elmer, my pet lion.

And, what's the ultimate post-T dinner activity?  
Napping, of course!

Hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine was!


I spent the day on Wednesday "finishing up" some of my hymns to meet a deadline.  This was my view for most of the day (about 7 hours or so).

I left Uncle E. & Aunt B.'s about 8:00 on Wednesday evening to meet up with Kyle and Kalynn in Springfield, MO.  We travelled the rest of the way to Grandma and Grandpa's together, arriving about 3:00 Thursday morning.  YAWN!!

Lacie, the Handywoman

LLL airs up the van tires before the trip to IL
Strong work, Lace Face!

Got goats?

Aunt Becki and Uncle Elliott have two very adorable little goats.  They got a little extra time out of their pen on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving since they would be cooped up for the whole weekend.  Here they are checking out the car from Illinois.

The Turkey!

Uncle Elliott prepared the turkey on Monday night prior to Thanksgiving to save on work on the actual day.  It was a delicious bird!

Sharpening the knife

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is she asleep?!

That can't be comfortable!

It's a dog's life

Doodle lazes in the perfect mix of sunshine and shade.

A visit to Drury

The front of Parker's dorm

As an RA, one of Parker's responsibilities is to do a monthly bulletin board in "his" hallway of the dormitory.  Here is this month's display.  As Parker says, "Nothing says November like kangaroos!"

A close-up of the title

At first I thought this was Parker's kangaroo.  Then I noticed another name on the head.  So Parker is on the list of things this fella is thankful for.  Way to go, Parks!

Modern art abounds on campus.
Any ideas about what this might represent?

Parker's favorite campus feature.  Sometimes he goes out of his way just to walk on this little path.

Parker sits in one of the outdoor classrooms.

My souvenir from Drury University

Looking for your glasses?

Well, where do you put yours???


In preparation for the upcoming holiday weekend...

The finished product

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Mighty Hunter

Way to go, Dad!

Just another "normal" evening

My basket-in-the-making becomes Lacie's bonnet

Guess I must have worn them out!

What could be better on a fall evening than hot chocolate with a peppermint stick?

I was no match for these champs!