Thursday, September 22, 2016


Happy birthday (yesterday) to the fine lady who first made me a daughter.  
Yuv you YOTS 'n' YOTS, Mom!!!

Nuevo cachorrito

Newly acquired the day prior to our visit

Thais y Dania con Candy

You are so sweet.  Please don't wet my skirt.  It's the only one I brought with me.  Thank you very much.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Convention dates

The conventions I'm scheduled for are in purple.  I'm happy to report that I will have three special visitors during Las Mercedes and El Cristal conventions - Andrea Vail, Karena Carrol and Jenimae Klepzig.

Montalvo - Oct. 30

Pasto, Colombia - Oct. 30

Ipiales, Colombia - Nov. 5&6

Las Mercedes - Nov. 11-13

El Cristal - Nov. 18-20

Quito - Nov. 25-27

Quevedo - Nov. 27

Aguas Negras - Nov. 30

Lago Agrio - Dec. 3&4

Ambato - Dec. 3&4

Cuenca - Dec. 4

So there it it, in case you get the urge to join us.  :-)  

Waxing poetic or something

When the opportunity presented itself,
she almost didn't recognize it.
It looked different
than what she had been expecting.

Sept. 17, 2016

Maybe you've been in her shoes???

Back to back birthdays

On Sept. 17, my Auntie R turned 52 and the following day, my grandma R celebrated her 85th birthday.  Here they are a few years ago with Grandpa and a certain little Goldilocks.  Hope you both had very special days!  I love you LOTS!!!!

Too much fun

I was trying to be sneaky once again in my video taking, but perhaps you can figure out the moment when he discovered what I was doing.  :-)  That was the end of that.  

All that jumping wore him plumb out!  

Back at it

Lunch by the sea

This past Thursday after our Bible study in the town of La Libertad, Marsha and I decided to eat lunch at a restaurant that Marsha knew about inside a hotel right across the street from the beach.  It was a "they serve you" buffet, and the food was quite delicious.  The view was incredible and the atmosphere pleasant.  How much did this dining experience cost us?  Four fifty apiece.  :-) 

First course

Main course

I had to take a picture of Marsha's dessert as I couldn't stomach the thought of eating any more.  :-) 

Our view: panning from right to left

Feeling crafty?

Marsha and I thought these little bicycle planters were really cute.  

Two special birthdays

On September 10 (1992 and 1997), two lovely young ladies made their entrance into the world.  Happy birthday to my cousins, Krista and Lacie!

Happy 24th!

Happy 19th!

Prime time entertainment

Stickers and paper animals

Tobacco fields in bloom

Crazy cat

The daughter of the home where we stay in Babahoyo has recently acquired a kitten.  She brought it over on Saturday morning as we were getting ready to leave.  I don't think I've ever seen a cat so constantly playful.  Marsha enjoyed teasing her with her backpack strap.  The video I took isn't that great both because of lighting and because I missed the real action.  It might give you a bit of an idea of what our playtime looked like anyway.

I'll get it this time!  

There comes a foot.  Should I stick with the backpack or should I pounce on the foot?

Home spa

Critters in a canoe

Gorgeous greens

Salad as we know it is not at all common fare here, but in this home we have a luscious salad every time we visit.  This one looks (and tasted) delectable!  


Tela is cloth, so when that's the name of an extracurricular activity, the uninformed (such as myself) might wonder what it is all about.  The last time we visited this home, Sabina was working on her routine for an upcoming recital, so we got to see what it was all about.  Here's what I learned: One must be STRONG to participate in "Cloths."