Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A fine fall day

In October?

A fun time with the Gabhart clan

Great Pyrenees puppies 

We found a pumpkin!

Hunting for more garden treasures

Garrett has found something!

Baby C chews on his giraffe

Watching swim practice

L keeps us well entertained

A fun game

What a cutie!

E gets the giggles.

Playing in the food bowl

L isn't so sure about all these little critters, but he doesn't mind lugging this one around in a bucket.

Some OK LiaBraatens

Kyle picked me up at the OKC airport on Monday morning and took me home.  Kalynn was waiting for us, and we went out for a nice lunch at Chili's.  Back home after lunch, we spent time with the dog and played a rousing game of "Farming."  Leah and Carly joined us for supper and the night.  After supper we chatted, sang some hymns, played a lively game of "Apples to Apples" and had a Bible study.  Though we wished we had some more time to spend together, bedtime was welcomed by all.  

Somehow, pretty much all of the pictures I took were of the dog.  How did that happen?!  :-)

Leo and Fleece get acquainted.

A side-by-side shot

Leo in his smurf jacket

Relaxing together

Leo, the rescue dog




Leah L. and Carly B.
(And also Leo)

Didn't have time to stop and eat there but...


After Georgetown convention, I went home with Doug and Karen Carlson.  Karen is my dad's second cousin.  My grandpa LiaBraaten's cousin (and Karen C.'s aunt), Lavina Swenson, drove to Round Rock from Texarkana convention to be with us on Sunday evening.  Two of Doug and Karen's children and their families also joined us.  It was nice to have a little time together and get to know my family a little better.

Kamela, Karen, Lavina

Thoughts from Georgetown convention

  • When we bring joy to God's heart, He'll give us joy.
  • We want to hold Christ on high by the way we live.
  • Someone once asked a prince, "What is your job?  What do you do?".  His answer was, "I spread abroad the influence of the king."
  • We want to do what we can where we are with a good attitude.
  • God knows what He's doing even if we don't understand it.
  • If we allow God to work in us, the result will be something that is approved by Him in the judgment day.
  • Stephen didn't pray, "Stop the stones" or "Stop the people."  He prayed, "Father, forgive them."
  • Don't cling to a past that has no future.
  • In the eyes of men, the five foolish virgins might have had a good testimony.
  • Wherever we are, we can serve.
  • God doesn't forget about us when we're in the fire of affliction.

Under a beautiful Texas sky

Taking a walk from the convention grounds

Friends new and old

Kathy W. was in my field when I spent a semester in Madrid, Spain in 2002.  I last saw her in 2006.

Kamela, Trisa C., Lupita C., Olga M., Jennifer B., Michaela D.

Georgetown Convention

Wednesday Evening English Meeting:
Roger Ramsden
Karen Sykes
Betty Ann Waddell
Kamela LiaBraaten

A quick trip to Texas

On our way home from Boyden, IA, I received a phone call with the news that I would have the privilege of attending the Spanish convention at Georgetown, TX in October.  I had been there in 2006 before I was in the Work, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to return.  After much hoopla regarding tickets and travel arrangements, we finally got things finalized.  On the way back to Indiana after convention, I would have the additional privilege of spending a little time with my brother and his wife near Oklahoma City.  Below is my flight itinerary.

Tuesday, Oct. 8 - Depart Indianapolis @7:15 am - Southwest Flight 387
                             Arrive in Denver @ 8:00 am
                             Depart Denver @ 9:00 am - Southwest Flight 2188
                             Arrive in Austin @ 12:00 pm

Monday, Oct. 14 - Depart Killeen / Fort Hood Regional Airport @ 7:15 am - American Flight 2852
                              Arrive in Dallas / Fort Worth @ 8:05 am
                              Depart Dallas / Fort Worth @ 9:45 am - American Flight 1569
                              Arrive in Oklahoma City @ 10:45 am

Tuesday, Oct. 15 - Depart Oklahoma City @ 10:07 am - Delta Flight 1802
                              Arrive in Atlanta @ 1:05 pm
                              Depart Atlanta @ 1:41 pm - Delta Flight 2479
                              Arrive in Indianapolis @ 3:16 pm

1st Gospel Meeting of the new year

Thursday, October 3 @ 7:30 pm

United Steelworkers' Hall
Old Route 60
Mitchell, IN

A few more shots at the Woods'