Monday, February 29, 2016

With three full-time photographers and cute subjects...

Okay, we'll get to the cute subjects in a minute.  First, we must make an important decision: bridge or wade?

Here's MY answer.  I didn't get pictures of the girls on this trip, but I think they went with the wading option as well.  Somehow it seemed less slippery!

And now, let the photo taking of cute subjects begin!

Getting a tour of the new house

 Looks like we're on to photographer #2.

Oh yes, proof that they chose to wade as well

Tickles and giggles

Shaking down oranges for a juicy snack

Getting ready to peel oranges
Video to come

Looks like it's a little tricky to manage both an orange and a baby with an orange, but Alaina seems to be enjoying it.

They went for the bridge option on the way back.

And nobody fell in!