Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We cooked!

I should clarify that.
Jill cooked.
Here's the start of supper.

Sorry I didn't photograph the finished product: cheese omelets with this stuff sautéed on top.

Cheap entertainment: Little people watching


 Fun & Games

A different kind of window shopping

Here is the tiendita across the street from our bach.  This picture is taken through the window between the laundry table and the stove (refer to previous entry).  

Our next-door neighbors have devised a system of shopping that precludes the necessity of leaving the house.  Here are the steps.

1. Holler to get the attention of the lady running the shop.
2. Shout your order to her.  (i.e. one pound of rice, two eggs and a tomato)
4. Lower money through the window to the ground level in a cut-open gallon jug.
5. Receive products (and possibly change) in jug and haul up to the second floor.
6. Repeat process as often as needed.  Possibly 14 times in one morning.

By special request

A certain someone has requested more pictures of our bach in Portoviejo, so I will oblige.  

Coming in the door to our room

In our doorway looking straight ahead

The dining area part of our room

Laundry storage in between the fridge and the table

My bed
(I'm taking a break from working on our Spanish hymnbook project!)

Jill's corner

Do we kick each other in the night?  

In our room looking out

The door to there rest of the house is on the right just past that little wooden shelf.
Straight ahead is the bathroom.

Where we do our laundry and sometimes food preparation.
The garbage cans under the table store water for when there's none running.

Standing in front of the bathroom looking back toward our room

To leave our area, take a left through that curtain.

Now you'll know how to get around when you come to visit!  :-)

Busy Day

Friday, July 24

Study #1 - 9:00 am in Manta
Hechos 22
Saying good-bye to Maritza after our study

Study #2 - 10:30 am in Manta
Juan 16
Maria Eugenia, served us a "snack" before our study.
Ceviche made with shrimp and oysters, chifles and juice

Study #3 - 2:30 in Montecristi
Juan 14
Maria Cristina is professing, and her parents usually sit in on our studies.

Study #4 - 3:30 pm in Manta
Marcos 3
Don Narciso is professing.  His wife, Anatolia, his son, Pedro, and Pedro's wife, Trinidad, listen well.

Study #5 - 5:30 in Manta
Mateo 2
This study was scheduled for 5:00, but Ana, our contact, thought it was at 5:30.  When she made it home, she was happy to receive us, so our wait was not in vain.  It was only our second study with her, and she's very anxious for us to come again.  

Now it's back to the bach to get ready for four meetings on Sunday!
We're happy tired!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We're definitely fans!

Last Thursday was a day of mixed emotions.  Here's the long and short of it:

Our fan (the one that we performed surgery on in a previous blog entry) died.  We felt its loss greatly as the sweat poured down our backs and our fronts and our sides.  That is the sad part.

In the center (of town), we found a couple of stores that sold fans, and Jill and I were in definite agreement about one thing:  Two fans are better than one.  That settled, we chose our new air conditioning devices based on the most important features, such as color, and headed back to the bach with Stella and Fanny.  That is the happy part.  

What lovely additions to our little room!  

Back in Jipijapa

The new house that O & M are building

Sra. S & Jill

Little L (Sra. S's great-granddaughter) and Jill

A little of that

Typical Manabí breakfast:
Pinto (one "variety" of banana), maní (peanuts), queso (fresh cheese) and café (coffee)

Our host offered to take us to the road to catch the bus.  Jill went first.

Hold on!

I was glad that I made it about halfway to the road before R came back to get me on the motorbike.  Because I was walking quite quickly, I only managed to snap a couple of pictures.  

Jill caught R & me coming down the last stretch of path.

Whew!  The brakes worked!

And now we continue our journey...

A bit of this

Our first destination on Tuesday, June 21
We studied the second "half" of John 3 with Sra. A in that house up at the top of the hill on the left.  If you use your imagination, you can see it!

Getting to our next destination involved a bit of a hike.  We amused ourselves by photographing dead critters and watching hard-working ants carry leaf bits around.

It's a leaf.'s walking!  

How big is the world if you are an ant?!?!

Sorry for the blood and guts.

Another one!

And yet another leaf-bearing ant!

Okay, last one

A broader view